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Society Objective:

The objective of The Society (as stated in the Letter of Incorporation) is the furtherance of the science of well log interpretation, by:

  • Providing regular meetings with discussion of subjects relating thereto; and
  • Encouraging research and study with respect thereto

Membership Qualifications:

Active membership is open to those within the oil and gas industries whose work is primarily well log interpretation or those who have a genuine interest in formation evaluation and wish to increase their knowledge of logging methods.

Membership Fees:

New Members

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New Membership Senior Membership
First Year: $50 (includes first year dues and $10 initiation fee) (no initiation fee): $20.00
$40 Annual renewal. $20 Annual renewal.

Membership Renewal

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The Society also furthers its objectives by sponsoring symposiums and exhibits.

  • Research committees encourage and support research on relevant problems.
  • The Society is the spokesman to industry and government on topics pertaining to well logging and formation evaluation.
  • The Society holds a monthly luncheon meeting (except July / August) to hear an address on a relevant topics.
  • Each active member will automatically receive the CWLS Journal, ‘InSite’ newsletter and Annual Report.

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